Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Own Little Hand-off of Power

The New Sheriff In Town

After a much too long absence, I am back,
new laptop in place, with a new post.
And I'm rarin' to go.

If you knew me at all, you would know that I rail against Big Business,
with all their soul-destroying marketing. For instance, don't get me started
on Disneywhore.

But...I must sing the praises of a product that has really delivered for me over
the years:


I was given a yard sale stand mixer the first year of my first marriage.
For twenty-five dollars, I got 16 years of excellent service,
About the time that Sunbeam was slowing down, someone gave me
yet another Sunbeam, again used, and again, an outstanding product.

As I grew into the obsessed foodie that I now am, I realized that
I was baking way too much for the old small one to handle.
Doubling batches of cookie dough (does anyone really make
a single batch anymore? They must live alone) was
becoming a health risk: I was breathing in copious amounts
of all-purpose flour every time I mixed up dough.

After reading and researching, I decided to ask Santa for the
Holy Grail: Kitchenaid.

Did I mention that I have a very enabling husband?
He fed the obsession this past Christmas and delivered unto me
a pristine egg-shell-colored Kitchenaid.

And not just any KA. It's a Professional 600 and it's sitting
on my counter as we type, purring like our new kitten Cleo.
A very special chocolate cake was his christening task,
and he was certainly up to the challenge.
Smooth as buttah.

I've named my new love Mighty Mac, which will most likely
only make sense to fellow Michiganians, but that's okay.

He's a hottie, isn't he?
Mighty Mac in profile--this is his best side.

And check out the power of this baby-he can handle the stiffest-errm-toughest
jobs I throw at him, six cups of flour or more, with no air pollution whatever.
My lungs have been giving thanks ever since he arrived.

So to the makers of Sunbeam stand mixers: I salute you! You make a
quality product. I'm a little sad that I've outgrown you.

And to Mighty Mac: I think it's the beginning of a
beautiful friendship.

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