Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sometimes Technology Stinks!

I am quite new to this digital camera thing.
I bought a point-and-shoot because as a beginner,
I felt it was better to start simply and easily and
get my feet wet first, so to speak, before plunging
head-first into the icy waters of multiple lenses, etc.

The problem was that since that first dive, I haven't bothered
to --ahem--read the manual. Admittedly, I brought this on myself.

There must be oceans of info about this particular camera
that I don't know yet. Like the fact that it stores pictures on its
own, built-in memory and not just on the little memory card-thingies.
I assume this to be true because of one thing:
I have lost some pictures. While I usually love a good mystery, this one is getting frustrating.
This made no sense to me at first, until I asked a friend who told
me about the aforementioned built-in storage.
At Christmas, I baked my brains out doing cookies, carefully taking pictures of
all my little lovelies so I could post about my holiday baking.

But...I can't find the pictures. It's the reason I haven't posted very often
since then. I'm still trying to find those shots. I know they're there somewhere.
In the meantime, I had to replace my laptop since my Acer (friends don't let friends buy Acers) bit The Big One. Got an HP, which is serving me well, by the way.
I had saved those pictures in Photobucket as well as on the
Canon software site. However, they're gone. I've scoured my memory card thingies too,
without success.

So I need to go back and read the manual, I guess. I hope to be reunited with my lost loved ones soon.
And when I am, I'll share them with you.

P.S. If anyone could help me with this problem, I would make grandiose
promises of supplying you with a batch of the above-mentioned cookies!


noble pig said...

I wish I could help...clueless here.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Oh, is this why I can't find Terrie??