Monday, May 4, 2009

One More Bachelor of Science-biology graduate!

The Big Day

Carly, the proud possessor of a Bachelor of Science degree!

Sorry, but there's no food involved in this one.
Just a milestone for my step-daughter.

My husband and I traveled to Roanoke College
to witness Carly's graduation this past weekend.

(A quick flash to Jane's past: we made several
trips to Virginia during my childhood to visit
one of the old army buddies my dad kept in
touch with in the years since WWII)

I loved the scenery and have always wanted to
spend more time exploring there.

This trip was not the opportunity, however, because of
all the graduation-centered activities scheduled.
But I'll go back someday--oh, yes. I will go back.

Roanoke College is beautiful with its brick-and-cream colonial
facades against the backdrop of the mountains.

The school's athletes are dubbed The Maroons. We have
tried to tell Carly that maroon is a color and not a mascot but
they persist. (And if you add 'ultra' in front of it, it becomes one of the insults
hurled at the bull in the classic cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny and the bullfight. Sorry, I'm a
cartoon freak.) Apparently everything in the campus store
is already engraved, embossed, and printed so it'd be
awkward to change everything at this point.

(Amazing factoid of Roanoke: one building on campus was
designed by Escher, so it has doors that lead nowhere,
and stairs that lead up to the ceiling.)

The only mystery left for us was:

How big does the endowment have to be to compel you
to post this sign?

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