Saturday, June 27, 2009

Six Unimportant Things That I Love-the meme.

Okay. So.

I'm reading through the updates on my Google Reader and at the end of
one post, I see my blog's name at the bottom.

Whoa. I shook my head twice, blinked my eyes thrice, and looked again.

Just when I thought there was no one out there but the crickets,
I discover I was wrong.
(I promise, I won't do the Sally Fields thing here, although the situation
clearly calls for it. It's just too easy.)

Someone (besides my best friend Carmen) must be out there acknowledging
my space in the blogosphere.

I feel like one of the Who's.
I am here! I am here! I am here!

So, thanking The Distracted Housewife very kindly, (it was she
who tagged me, BTW), I will get down to the business at hand.

Six Unimportant Things That I Love:
(in no particular order)

1.) My waterbed: I have had the same waterbed since 1981 and find it incredibly difficult to
sleep on anything else. On extended stays away from home, I turn into a zombie after more than one night on a hotel mattress. That waterbed is my refuge, my solace, my happy place, my

2.) My garden: When we moved into our current home, there was a potentially lovely rock garden out back with perennials already there, struggling to survive. I planted hostas and some more Asian lillies and waited. Those plants have really taken off and they feed my soul every time I got to the garden.

3.) A picture of myself standing in Trafalgar Square. Several years ago I made a solo trip
to my All-Time-Happy-Place, England. I stayed with a friend in Kent and one day we drove up to town (London) for the day. He took a picture of me standing in front of the National Gallery, leaning against the fountain wall. There is the mother of all grins on my face, and not just because I had succeeded in achieving my weight-loss goal before the trip: no, I was in the one place I'd always wanted to be, and it was one of those EEEEEK! moments. (More on those in a later post.)

4.) My Get Smart DVD's. With all of life's trials, tribulations, and travails, isn't it great to know there is a place where buffoonery reigns supreme, violence is a sock on the jaw, and the eternal struggle of Good vs. Evil boils down to Kaos and Control? Whenever chaos rules my daily life, I take great comfort in getting an iced beverage and lounging on the aforementioned waterbed and vegging out with Max, 99, and the gang.

5.) Beatles songs. I have formed a religion whose creed is "The answers to Life can be found in Beatles lyrics." Amen. Try it; you'll see.

6.) My patients. Not that they're unimportant. I work for a visiting nurse agency, mostly treating the Medicare generation. When I meet an elderly person with whom I can really connect and form a special bond, that's magic. For whatever good I can do for them, when they tell me that I've made them laugh for the first time in ages, they've handed me the world.

Now, I understand, I tag some other someones to reveal their
Six Unimportant Things That I Love.

The Other Side of Fifty.

The Busty Baker

English Mum in Ireland


English Mum said...

Ooh, thanks for the tag, I'll get straight to it xx

Danae - The Busty Baker said...

Thanks for tagging me! lol I'm just like you, in thinking there's only crickets out there! I've already compiled my list of 6 things, and I'll be posting it later!

Mags said...

Thanks for tagging me Jane. What a neat idea and a great way to learn about fellow bloggers. I've spent some time on your blog today.... LOVE your sense of humor lady.

English Mum said...

Mine's up!