Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Cautionary Tale by Jane

The Western Shore, a Cautionary Tale
by Jane

Once upon a time, there was a man who discovered a beautiful beach.

He decided to walk along the shore and enjoy nature's beauty.
He removed his shoes, the better to traverse the sandy water's edge.

And at first, all went well. The soft sand felt warm on his toes.

Which way shall I go? he wondered. Finally he struck a northerly path.

He noticed many others happily playing on the shore.

The waves lap...lap...lapped on the sand.

It was lovely and peaceful.

The man walked far. The sun lowered on the horizon.

He decided it was time to retrace his steps.
He paused to take one last look over the vast expanse of water,
and then...

and then...

he heard a faint sucking noise.

He tried to turn and flee from the noise, but it held him in
its grip, paralyzing his efforts...

Frantic, he looked down...



down to his feet.

But they were gone!!

No matter how he struggled, how valiantly he fought, he could not get free
of the warm and sucking sand.

Soon his right foot disappeared from sight.

And the man was left with just his left foot. (And a stump.)

Being a positive person he reckoned, This is not too bad. I can always hop.

But even as these thoughts were being thought, The Cannibal Sands
claimed his right foot as well.

And that's the story of the man they call Stumpy.

And the tide goes relentlessly on, seeking new victims.

Please share this story as a warning to others.

You never know who might be next.

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Shih-Ai said...

Thank you for lifting my spirit after reading this cute post.