Friday, April 17, 2009

A Sad Day

I am a huge disappointment to... myself.


"And why?" you might ask. (Somebody, please ask!)
"How could you ever disappoint yourself?"

I have caved under the pressure.
Peer pressure.
Media pressure.
Social pressure.


I am now on Twitter.

This goes against all my principles.
I have never gone along with the crowd, done what
everyone has done, just for the sake of fitting in.

When something comes along that the public raves over,
I usually don't climb on the bandwagon.

I never saw Forrest Gump, or watched any of
Disney's animated offerings of the last couple of decades,
have never tasted quinoa or sushi,
and frankly, don't care much for the taste of chipotle.

Rebel Without A Cause, that's me.

But now I'm on Twitter. And can I tell you something?
I do see the allure of it, how easily one could become
addicted to it, obsessed by checking it, both my
own account and my friends'.

So check it out before I get too disgusted with myself and delete
my account in favor of getting something concrete
accomplished in my life. That's the way it happened in my
unfortunate relationship with Myspace.

In Twitterland, I am known as Foodzillagirl.
(it sounds somewhat like my simian persona)

Stand by: my next post here will actually contain a recipe!

1 comment:

Alex said... that you've gone ahead and compromised your principles on Twitter...I'd give quinoa a try and Forrest Gump a watch (better yet, do both at the same time!?!). You won't feel any worse about yourself; promise!