Saturday, May 30, 2009

This Is What's Wrong In This Country

Yesterday amongst my ordinary e-mail I received an ad from
a well-recognized baking ingredient company (is that subtle or just obtuse?)
whose subtitle read:

Seven-Minute Frosting Made in Five Minutes!

Says it all, doesn't it?

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Andrea said...

Now that one is funny... LOL

To your question about the Czech food... Let me look around & through my books (I have a few but they all are in Czech/Slovak, so I'll need to translate/adjust the ingredients - I have the hardest time with translating the cuts of meat).

There is one particular recipe I have in mind. It's sort of a big dumpling (similar to bread dough but instead of baking it, you steam it) that you slice it & serve as a side with meat & gravy. Delicious!!! It soaks up the juices, mmm (sorry, I just got lost in my memories LOL)
On my blog, I have a recipe for Sauerkraut Soup, if you like sauerkraut I would recommend trying that one too - traditional Christmas meal, but yummy any time of the year for sure :}
I'll probably won't get to you this week (we're heading out to Las Vegas on Thursday and there is so much to do before the trip) but soon for sure.